Rainbow six: Siege – tips for beginners

R6 is a team tactical shooter in which victory depends on the coordinated actions of the whole team, but where does a beginner in the game start? We will try to answer this question with this guide.

Start with videos, they are in the training tab. These videos will introduce you to the basic mechanics, as well as give you a certain amount of fame points, enough to unlock a couple of operatives.

The second step to mastering the Siege for beginners is operations. Operations is a set of missions aimed at mastering the unique mechanics of R6 and exploring maps. In total, the game has 11 operations, 10 single and one cooperative. For single missions, you can choose the difficulty, it affects the amount of Fame Points you earn. Co-op mission becomes available after completing 10 single operations.

And now it seems that you can go to a network game, however, we would recommend practicing Antiterror – this is a PvE mode similar to operations, but with a number of differences. The main difference between anti-terror is the cards, they completely repeat the cards from the network game, which makes it possible to study the cards. Like operations, anti-terror has three difficulties, but now you can play not only alone, but also together with other players.

Practice is good, but you want a real fight, against real players, right? In order to effectively counter the players, you will need operatives, each of which has unique features. Before buying an operative, we recommend that you study his “gadget”.

Successful siege, fighters!

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