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Rambo appeared in the shooter Rogue Company along with a themed event

The multiplayer third-person shooter Rogue Company received a King Cobra update as part of Season 1, Year 2. It added the Legendary Skin for Agent Seeker to the game, transforming the character into John Rambo himself from the popular Rambo film series. The skin completely changes not only the appearance, but also the voice acting. It can be purchased as part of a 2,000 R-Bucks bundle that includes the following:

  • Legendary Seeker Rambo Skin
  • Agent: Seeker
  • Law of the Jungle Mythic Weapon Skin for Sahara
  • Mythic skin “Snakes” for combat knife

Along with this, an event has started in the game that allows you to get various cosmetic items for completing contracts. Among them: a frame, a flag, an animated avatar, graffiti, a title and a wingsuit.

The patch also introduced an experimental feature that allows you to connect to an already ongoing match, added new maps for the Team Deathmatch mode, and improved the balance. You can find the full list of changes on the official website.

Rogue Company - Cinematic Teaser | Rambo King Cobra

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