Rayark studio is famous for its musical projects: these are the Cytus and Deemo series. In late 2019, the guys announced a sequel to Deemo, but there has been little news since then. Now Rayark has shown a teaser trailer with gameplay. He once again proves that we will see the old formula: exploring the world, an interesting plot and, of course, playing the piano. The last moment is made in the same style a la “Guitar Hero”.

According to the plot, we play as a boy who ended up at the train station this time. There he meets spirits, fantasy creatures and stationmaster who can masterly play the piano (according to the trailer). Sometimes it rains at the station, which erases everything he touches. Therefore, people hide, but they say that the piano should save everyone. Sometimes people approach the station chief who are afraid that they will never go home and see their loved ones. In general, the plot will be confusing.

DEEMO II will definitely be released on iOS and Android because the second platform’s pre-registration is open. Since the first part was released on PC, you can wait on Steam. The game is most likely at an early stage of development because Rayark has six job openings at the official website.

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