Ray’s the Dead download torrent For PC

Rays the Dead download torrent For PC Ray's the Dead download torrent For PC

Ray’s the Dead download torrent

Ray’s the Dead is an exciting action-adventure and indie strategy torrent download. This is a great game that tells about little zombies who have to do great things. Immerse yourself in the life of these walking dead and go through all the interesting missions. Don’t forget about side quests. They will bring you many valuable artifacts and various items. Action comedy called Ray’s the Dead at your service. The game contains a lot of humor, satire, and from the numerous dialogues and laughter inside these replicas, your stomach will even hurt. The game is for children, although adults should also play it.

Story line

The storyline in the game is dynamic, unique and quite funny. You have to manage a group of zombies who need to perform various tasks. Usually missions concern explosions, murders, kidnappings, but not good people, but evil terrorists who want to take over the world. You are cleaners, albeit in the afterlife. Create an army of zombies who want to restore justice and peace in the world. The game is unusually touching, beautiful, sincere and with a lot of humor. The phrases here are really sparkling, unique and ready to make anyone, young and old, laugh. The humor here is black, so adults will definitely be interested. Do not rush to get upset with animated hand-drawn graphics, usually intended for children and teenagers. Just because of its chic humor, the game is suitable for adults, and maybe even for playing together with children. Solve the mystery of the death of the main newly minted zombie named Ray Lamort. You must learn all the secrets about how he died and whether it is possible to return to normal life. But enough talk! Create a large army of the walking dead, improve them, upgrade them, giving them the best weapons and equipment, and start fighting for justice and peace in the world. Destroy the offenders of Ray Lamort, who must pay for what they did. Solve numerous puzzles and dynamic puzzles. Some missions require extraordinary skill and knowledge of certain details, so be on the lookout. But first download the Ray’s the Dead torrent, and then enjoy the installed game.

Game process

The plot lasts about 10 hours, but this is if you go through the campaign at a measured pace. In total, the player is waiting for 40 main missions and several dozen additional ones. However, they may not be completed, but still we advise you to pay attention even to mini-quests. They give the user valuable artifacts, unique items and other important inventory items that will help zombies in battles. There are several classes of zombies in the game. Some have more strength, others dexterity, and others can create traps and so on. Choose the ones you like the most, develop them, improve them and attack the enemies. Solve difficult tasks, from which, at times, your head may boil. The picture in the game is beautiful, animated. The game world is represented by the past. America of the 80s has become a cult for many, and for the developers of this adventure, apparently, too. Interestingly, all the locations here were drawn by hand. A total of 3000 sprites and various collages for you to see, as well as gorgeous unique soundtracks.

Ray’s the Dead Features

  • fascinating plot;
  • Campaign completion in 10 hours;
  • many missions;
  • dynamic tasks;
  • cool puzzles;
  • hordes of humor;
  • game for real zombies.

Download the Ray’s the Dead torrent if you have long dreamed of playing one of the most unusual, but very funny games.

System requirements

  • Operating system: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT or greater
  • RAM (GB): 2.0
  • Free space on HDD (GB): 2.0



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