Razer unveils Hammerhead True Wireless Pro headphones with active noise canceling and Bluetooth 5.1

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Razer has announced the latest wireless headphones – the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro. They have certain differences compared to the previous generation. This list includes an improved microphone and a new curved shape for these in-ear headphones. Users can customize touch commands to suit their needs. The case now looks more expensive and more modern, but the most important thing is the increased battery capacity.

The design change can be inconvenient for people who have an “inappropriate” ear canal format. Razer took care of this and included 7 different pairs of earbuds in the kit. Some of them differ not only in form factor but also material. Earbuds like these don’t usually have soundproofing problems, but Razer decided to add active noise canceling. For the headphones, they even made a separate application that sends an audio signal and thereby checks the noise cancellation reliability.

The manufacturer promises 20 hours of battery life. Low latency mode and Bluetooth 5.1 support will help reduce audio latency in games by up to 60ms. The recommended cost of the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro is $199.99. You can purchase them through Razer’s official website.

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