RE decides to remove the tap-strafe mechanic from Apex Legends

Respawn has announced that patch 10.1 will remove the tap-strafe mechanic from Apex Legends. Tap-strafe is one of the tricky pieces of the move when the player drastically changes trajectory while flying. With this mechanic, you can climb into hard-to-reach places and just dodge shots.

On their Twitter page, the developers reported that they thought and discussed this for a long time among themselves, but still decided to get rid of the tap-strafe.

“After much thought and debate, we decided to remove tap strafing from Apex in patch 10.1. Our Rationale: It is inaccessible, unreadable / counterproductive, and aggravated by locomotion abilities. In the next patch notes there will be more detailed information about this, ”the developers said in their Twitter account.

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