Red Ball Super Run resembles Subway Surfers, but slightly better

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Red Ball Super Run may seem like a typical Subway Surfers clone, only the developers have added some interesting ideas.

Red Ball Super Run is a mobile runner that is available on both platforms. In it you have to run on trains and collect coins. The creators of the game have even added short flights on the backpack, which allow you to avoid obstacles. Despite all the similarities with the above project, the developers have managed to add their own features.

In addition to collecting coins in Red Ball Super Run, we have to jump on the heads of enemies, and if they are not far from a friend, then the player commits a combo. Also on the trains there are lanes with acceleration, and on the road there are jumps. After passing the levels, we get a pack of currency and stickers. Due to the last point, the multiplier of points at levels increases, and these stickers can also be inserted into images, which adds interactivity. At some levels you have to fight with the boss. If you do not have time to jump or dodge the enemy, then he will take down the ball-shaped hero the first time. Then there are two ways out: pay crystals or watch ads.

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