Red Dead Redemption 2 Beginner’s Guide

No Red Dead Redemption 2 guide in the world will teach you how to live like a real cowboy. It comes with experience. Finding your way in the wilderness is not easy. We will not tell you what the stars are whispering about and we will not write poems about the frontier, including on your behalf. It needs to be experienced.

But we can help the world simulation run better on your computer and share wisdom about wild horses and digital input devices. Hear a little advice from an old cowboy before you hit the road!

Set up horse management right away

By default, horse controls are tied to camera position, and we have absolutely no idea why. Therefore, until you get comfortable, you can fly into a character on a horse more than once, just by looking at him. Perhaps such a scheme makes sense for a gamepad, but certainly not for four separate direction keys.

Set the camera view while riding to “According to the position of the horse”, and you can safely twist it around your beautiful steed without breaking your head over what the W key is responsible for at this particular viewing angle.

Frame rate boost

Red Dead 2 is like America. But America is crammed full of landfills and consuming a lot of resources. For Red Dead 2, this is no less true. This is the much-anticipated PC version, so keeping the frame rate above 60 while maintaining a decent picture (at least better than the console versions) is a must, but with so many options, it’s not easy to figure out which settings can be lowered or turned off for the best performance.

First, some of the most demanding graphics settings:

  • MSAA + MSAA for Reflections
  • Volume effect quality
  • Quality of shadows and textures
  • global illumination

We saw how disabling MSAA and MSAA for reflections added more than 20 frames per second, and another 10 added after setting all volume effects lighting options to low. Shadows and global illumination have less effect with more graphics degradation, but the differences between “high” and “ultra” settings are almost imperceptible.

At resolutions of 1920×1080 and below, it’s also quite difficult to tell the difference between “high” and “ultra” texture resolutions, so be sure to change this option to see if the framerate increase is worth the slight drop in detail.

Don’t Forget Eagle Eye

We spent three hours in Red Dead Online, hunting and gathering, relying on our natural senses. And we realized that our natural sensations let us down. Finding a special flower for a stupid pickup quest took 20 minutes when you can just middle-click and highlight the plants and animals in the immediate area. Our memory failed us, don’t let yours fail you.

Use the cinematic camera as “autopilot” in Red Dead Online

If you decide to run through the main missions of Red Dead Online, get your sirloins ready for a long ride. But if you don’t like horses, set a point on the map and turn on the cinematic camera while trotting. The movement will continue automatically.

It’s almost impossible to get rich playing poker

You can have some fun at the poker table in Red Dead Online, but don’t go all-in with good cards in your hand. The total bets of each hand are capped at five dollars, and once that cap is reached, everyone remaining in the game automatically reveals their cards, skipping the final rounds. It’s pretty weird, happens unexpectedly, and seriously ruins an otherwise great poker experience.

Press Home key for social functions

The in-game menu option called Social Club isn’t really related to Read Dead 2’s social features. You need to press the Home key to access them, and you can add friends and form squads.

Unleash fast travel in single player mode

This time – advice for a single game. Only one! In the days of the Wild West, cowboys couldn’t google “how to teleport a horse.” In Red Dead 2, no one is in a hurry to get anywhere, and neither should you, but constant long trips along the same route can be very tiring.

Fast travel is available after the completion of the second chapter, and its disclosure requires a serious investment. After setting up camp, go to Dutch’s tent and upgrade it at least once for $220. This will allow you to buy a map upgrade for $325 next to Arthur’s tent, which unlocks fast travel from the camp.

Unleash yourself in Red Dead Online

There are many missions and activities in Red Dead Online for all tastes, but it’s best to go your own way. Find a populated city and become a bartender, even if you don’t know how to work at the bar. Shout sensational news around every corner. Connect a microphone and let your imagination run wild. One player played the gravedigger perfectly: he searched for the corpses of the killed players and carried them to the cemetery, leaning them against the gravestones, grumbling at passers-by and reciting short prayers for the repose. Some “spirits” even thanked him from the other world when their friends came to the grave.

Red Dead Online is a huge cowboy sandbox that gives us a creative context for communication. Try to do something other than shooting or just completing quests. This world has potential, you just need to attract more players.


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