Red Dead Redemption 2. How to use the RDR2 Companion App

From the day Red Dead Redemption 2 premiered for our phones and tablets, we can download the official app of the game. RDR2 Companion gives you more than just tracking statistics.

The application takes up 184 MB. You can download it on Google Play and AppStore. To fully use it, you must have a Social Club account and be logged into it in both the game and the app.

Operations and functions

After launching the application for the first time, we need to click on the head icon with a hat in the right corner. This will allow us to link the application to Red Dead Redemption 2 and the game must of course be running.

If you don’t already have a Social Club account, you can quickly set one up and connect to your PSN or Xbox Live account.

The combination of game and application will give full access to all functions. Here we can:

Use an interactive map where we can see the position of the hero, our horse and available tasks.

  1. Monitor the progress of tasks.
  2. Use the handy guide.
  3. Buy weapons, clothes and resources.

The last point is especially important. We no longer need to go to the city in order to visit the gunsmith. Often they do not have n selling all available weapons.

Purchasing through the application will allow you to quickly acquire the desired weapon, but in order for it to appear in our inventory, we need to exit the game and enter again.

Important: Some weapons can only be bought after completing a certain part of the story. For example, we cannot buy a four-stroke rifle in the second chapter, although it is available for purchase in the application. So the app is a bit misleading.

Having a hero card and stats allows you to follow them on the phone, so we can completely disable the interface during the game if we want.

More frustrating is the fact that the app automatically turns off every time our phone’s screen turns off. Fortunately, after activating the screen, the automatic connection is kicked out.

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