Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find Graves, Dinosaur Bones, Dreamcatchers, Rock Art

Nov 1 18 57 111 Red Dead Redemption 2: Where to Find Graves, Dinosaur Bones, Dreamcatchers, Rock Art


Spoiler alert! The following page contains very large spoilers pertaining to the gameplay and story ending in Red Dead Redemption 2. We suggest that you do not read until you reach or complete the game’s epilogue.

Once again I warn you about spoilers. If you haven’t finished the main story in Red Dead Redemption 2, or at least reached the epilogue of the story, you should close this page to avoid potential spoilers!

Why look for graves? For example, to get a trophy or an achievement called “Memory of the Dead”. In Red Dead Redemption 2, you will find nine graves in eight locations. They will be available soon. Interact with each of them to find out who they belong to. The article contains names and surnames, so we warn you again – if you haven’t finished the game yet, it’s better to stop reading this page.

1 – Jenny Kirk

The first of the graves can be found on the northwestern edges of the map in Spider Gorge. Remember that you need to wear suitable clothing or you will lose health due to a cold. You can find Jenny’s tombstone by going down to the right of the main path.

2 Davey Callander

When returning, be sure to stop at the abandoned buildings that are not far from the first grave. There is a small cemetery there, and one of the graves belongs to Davey – the one farthest from the road in Polter.

3 – Needle Fleece

Another grave can be found on one of the hills overlooking Donner Falls. It is easy to get there, and the grave is very visible.

4 – Arthur Morgan

The grave of the main character of the game, Arthur Morgan, is located in a very picturesque place, on one of the mountains with a beautiful view of the horizon in Mysterious Home. The easiest way to get there is from the side of the road heading north.

5 – Susan Grimshaw

Susan’s grave can be found on a large hill under one of the trees in New Hanover. It is very noticeable because of the large cross.

6 and 7 – Lenny Summers and Hosea Matthews

The two graves, located next to each other, are almost in the middle of the swampy area, next to the largest tree.

8 – Kieran Duffy

Kiran’s grave is located in the middle of a green meadow. Just follow the main path that leads past and you will notice a tombstone a little further on.

9 – Sean McGuire

The last of the graves is located on a small hill near Flat Iron Lake. It is easy to miss because it is located next to small trees and smaller shrubs – it blends into the environment.

After finding and completing the interaction on the nine graves, the “Memory of the Dead” trophy/achievement will be unlocked.

dinosaur bones

There are many secrets in Red Dead Redemption 2. One of them is the dinosaur bones associated with the side quest A Test of Faith. It requires interaction on 30 dinosaur bones scattered throughout the game world to complete.

This also applies to the area located in the southwest, which is not unlocked at the very beginning. The search begins after a dialogue with a stranger, who you can find north of the large lake in the south of the map.

After interacting with the bones, you can go to the nearest post office to send a package and give the coordinates to the paleontologist.

After sending the data, after 24 hours, go to the post office to receive a prize (a piece of quartz and a figurine of a skull), as well as an invitation to a meeting – it turns out that the paleontologist has collected all the bones together.

There are 30 dinosaur bones in the game. Also remember that if you have trouble finding dinosaur bones, you can press both analogs on the controller at the same time. In Hawkeye mode, the bones are highlighted in yellow.

  1. – the first bone is at the bottom of the well, where you will go down the not too high stairs. Located in the city of Heartland, between the letter A and R.
  2. – very noticeable ribs are in the ground, on a small hill north of the road.
  3. – at the end of a small valley, where it is easiest to get from the northwest. The easiest way to find a bone is to search during the day, because it is very well buried in the ground. You can also use the Falcon Eye mode by pressing both analogs on the controller at the same time.
  4. – Northwest of Dewberry Creek between large rocks. The ribs protrude from the ground and are very clearly visible.
  5. – Just below the letter “L” in the name of the Lemoyne location. There you will find bones protruding from a dry river bed.
  6. – a few steps south of the small hut in Lemoyne.
  7. – this bone can be easily missed. It is located on a small hill between trees and bushes. So it’s better to go there during the day.
  8. – You will find a huge tusk on a hill above the Kamassa River. You can only get there from the western direction.
  9. – the dinosaur bone is on the flat top of the mountain in the Roanoke Ridge location, above the letter A. You will get there from the south side.
  10. – south of the railroad tracks, next to one of the side roads. The bone is on a flat rock.
  11. – probably the most hidden bone. It is located at the top of one of the mountains – you can climb up there from two sides by jumping (probably after several attempts) or go through the entire mountain range from the north side. It’s pretty easy to get lost there.
  12. – on top of a small hill near the road, on the other side of a flowering meadow.
  13. – a bone resembling a hand is located in one of the rocks.
  14. – on a small hill next to a large stone.
  15. – on one of the stone blocks where you need to jump. You can only get to the indicated place from the northwest side.
  16. – on top of a hill, which can be easily reached from the road in the east.
  17. – a small bone is very easy to miss – it is located on one of the vertical, not too high walls. In the Dakota River area.
  18. – on a hill overlooking the railway bridge. You will get there from the southeast side, and the bone itself is quite well camouflaged in the grass.
  19. – at the end of the cave, the easiest way to get there is from the south side in the Wallace Station area
  20. – there is a small bone in the rock on the south side.
  21. – the remains of the spine are located almost in the middle of W and E on a hill.
  22. – on top of one of the hills, which can be easily reached along the route marked with a dotted line on the map.
  23. – not far from the previous one is a bone protruding from the ground, you will notice it at the end of the ravine on a ledge. You must descend into the gorge and climb there from any direction.
  24. – Bones in the rock at the northern end of the map. They are easily confused with branches.
  25. – the bones lie on a small hill, the easiest way to get there is from the south direction.
  26. – sticking out long bones on a small hill, just below the letter “L” in the name of Tumbleweed.
  27. It’s very easy to miss the ribs. They are on top of a hill and hidden among the grass and bushes. Near Marger Station.
  28. – very easy to see at the foot of the summit. You will only get there from the east side. Near the letter B in the name Rio Bravo.
  29. – on one of the very high hills above the water in Rio Bravo Del Lobo Rock. The easiest way to get there is from the west, although an entrance from the northeast is also possible.
  30. – the bones protruding from the ground are on a small hill, a few meters from the coastline of San Luis.

Where to find all the dream catchers and how to get the ancient arrow

Dream catchers are Native American amulets, usually placed on trees. Finding 20 dream catchers in RDR 2 isn’t tied to any mission, but it’s still worth taking some time to find them all.

You can start looking for dream catchers from anywhere on the map. After you find everything, you need to go to the Elysian Pool. It is located in the northeastern part of the map, not far south of the city of Annesburg.

In the northern part of the lake, you will notice a waterfall – go to the other side to get to the cave. Open the map and you will see the room layout. Keep right and move forward.

You will reach the room and climb as high as you can, then turn sharply to the right – under the ceiling you will find a small niche with paintings on the wall. On the right is a bison, in whose eyes you will find a reward for finding 20 dream catchers in Red Dead Redemption 2.

This is an ancient arrowhead – having this special object will make your stamina slower by half when stretching the string, which will be very useful in any hunting or silent extermination of enemies.

Before you can access the cave, you must interact with all the dream catchers.

Most of them are easy to find because they hang from trees. While in the area, you can also use the Eye of the Falcon.

  1. Near a slightly snow-covered mountain, on a dry tree. On the mountain near West.
  2. On the slope of a small hill, a few meters west of the Darota river road.
  3. North of the road and east of the small lake Cotorra Springs.
  4. On a dead tree in the shape of a “Y”, a dozen meters from the road.
  5. On a small hill, a few meters east of the Darota River.
  6. Next to the big tree, next to the second “N” on the map in the name of Annesburg.
  7. On an old, dry tree. South of the “U” in Annesburg.
  8. A few meters east of the road, among other trees.
  9. South of the Elysian Basin, on an old tree.
  10. On an old tree, right next to the road and the river.
  11. On a dry tree. The dream catcher is quite difficult to spot because it is partially hidden by the bushes.
  12. On a hill not far from the road, you will notice a large and “lonely” tree.
  13. In the letter “O” on the map, in the name New Hanover, among other trees.
  14. On a withered old tree just south of Heartland Overflow.
  15. On an old, dried tree, next to which there are no other trees. On the letter N in the name Heartlands.
  16. On a small hill just above the road and the Dakota River.
  17. A few meters north of the road next to Caliban’s Seat.
  18. Among other trees, west of the train tracks. Between the last letters Valentine.
  19. There is a dried tree next to the large trunk, and there is another dream trap on it. Below Valentine.
  20. On the road north of the railroad tracks. Not far from the mountain is the citadel.

Where to find all the rock art

In Red Dead Redemption 2 you will find a lot of finds and secrets. One of them is the rock carvings associated with the side mission “Beginning Geologists”. To complete it, you need to find 10 images scattered throughout the game world.

Start by activating this optional quest after talking to a stranger in a small hut northwest of Valentine.

After interacting with all the images, you can go to the nearest post office – select the option to send a parcel, and enter the coordinates of Francis Sinclair.

Once you have submitted the details of all the images on the rock, go to the post office 24 hours later to claim your prize.

  1. The first drawing can be found on the southwestern shore of Lake Owanjila. You can get there on foot or on horseback.
  2. Near the first one with the “T” in “West Elizabeth” on the map, next to a mountain and a very narrow path.
  3. Northwest of Flatneck train station, on one of the cliffs. The easiest way to get there is to go from the east.
  4. Almost at the very end of the mountain trail on Mount Hagen. The drawing is large and hard to miss.
  5. On one of the rocks near the channel of the Whinyard Strait. It is the easiest to find and is located on the east bank of the river.
  6. The drawing is located on one of the rocks and is directed towards the abyss, to the east. It’s not visible from the road, so you need to jump onto the rock ledge on the west side, or use the small and very narrow path a few steps further south.
  7. The next rock art is also located on a cliff and is also directed to the east. It is best to get from the south, immediately leaving the path leading along the nearby fort.
  8. There are small mountains south of Moonstone Pond, and on one of them, next to a flowering meadow, there is a drawing of a pyramid.
  9. Almost due east and slightly north of Deer Cottage, on one of the rocks.
  10. On the northeast shore of the Elysian Pool, on one of the rocks. Go there during the day because you can’t see anything at night.

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