Red Dead Redemption 2 – where to find rare and unique weapons

The arsenal in Red Dead Redemption 2 is quite large. Now we want to focus on other, special weapons.

The creators have prepared more than a dozen special weapons that cannot be bought in the store. And often they differ not in characteristics, but in appearance.


First, we will describe the four types of weapons that we can get by completing tasks related to finding known bandits. We will start these tasks at the beginning of the second chapter in the store in Valentine, after talking with the writer in the bar.

To start searching for a shooter, just look at his photo in your inventory.

Revolver Billy Midnight

We can get this gun when we go looking for one of the legendary shooters – Billy Midnight. After killing him, we will get a rare pistol with golden decorations. It is characterized by a high rate of fire, but also by accuracy. But the damage dealt isn’t particularly great.

Revolver Flaco

Another weapon that we will receive after meeting with the famous shooter. This time it’s Flaco Hernandez. His revolver is not very powerful, but a great alternative to our starting pistol. To get the weapon we have to kill Flaco.

Revolver Calloway

Another revolver that can be obtained by defeating the famous bandit. Excellent, although not the best revolver in the game. But it’s very nicely designed – it even has the school logo from the Rockstar game Bully.

Revolver Granger

Emmet Granger is another shooter, after killing which we will get a revolver. Unfortunately, this weapon is only useful for collectors – it is even worse than the Flaco weapon.

rare weapon

There are many unique weapons in the game that are not related to shooters. You can find them in the game world or get them during certain missions.

Double action revolver and stone ax

Both of these weapons can be obtained by completing missions in GTA Online. We will get the Hatchet after a series of orders from Maude Eccles and we will get the Revolver by reading the message sent from in an email – it will direct us to the Revolver crate, which then needs to be completed with 25 headshots.

Rare sniper rifle

An excellent sniper rifle that we will get for free at the end of the Magicy sports mission. One of the bandits who kidnapped your ally is carrying this weapon. To get a rifle, you must search the bodies.

Rare Shotgun

You can pick up this weapon from an innocent loner who lives in a cabin on the side of the road, northeast of Annesburg. Unfortunately, he must be killed and then searched.

ancient tomahawk

This tomahawk can be found in the Calumet Ravine area in the north of the map, above the location of the Wapiti Indian Reservation. The weapon is built into a wooden target.

hunting ax

This weapon can be found south of the k on the map, in the Window Rock area. A little north of the railway tracks is one building. On the right is the trunk of a cut down tree, in which we will find an ax.

viking ax

Melee and ranged weapon that replaces the tomahawk. Beautiful, with leather elements and Scandinavian ornaments. We’ll find him in a grave in the northwest of Annesburg, across the river.

Broken pirate sword

Another melee weapon. He is in a broken boat on one of the islands next to Saint Denis, south of the railway bridge.

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