Remastered – How to Heal Parasite Egg and Curse

Got a strange parasite stuck in your head? Lost 50% health? We’ll tell you how to get rid of the worst troubles in Dark Souls: Remastered.

Dark Souls: Remastered is just as ruthless as the original, and features some very interesting scourges that your immortal hero may encounter as he travels through the lifeless realm. There are two special status effects in the game that have the worst effect on the hero. I’m sure you’ll want to cure them as quickly as possible. Their names are the Egg parasite and the Curse. Both of these effects are disgusting, monstrous, very annoying and greatly complicate the path of life.

But both of these extremely negative effects can be cured. Their sources are different. Creepy, gas-breathing bug-eyed monsters can very quickly place a curse on you that reduces your health by half for the duration. A parasitic egg is no better. Instead of making you sick, this egg starts growing right inside your head, forcing you to take off any helmet you’re wearing. If you wait too long, the egg will develop and evolve within you. You will surely want to heal before it’s too late.

Unlike poison, special debuffs such as Parasitic Egg and Curse do not wear off over time and remain permanent until you die. To remove these effects you will need special items.

How to Heal from the Curse

A negative status such as a curse reduces your maximum health by 50%. While you are cursed, you can damage ghosts in the New Londo Ruins, but you cannot use your humanity to revive them. If you are cursed again, you will instantly turn to stone and die.

The curse can be cast by Basilisks in the Depths and the Hollow. Look for strange lizards with unusual bulging eyes. If you stay too long in the area of ​​their exhaled gas, you will be damned. Seath the Scaleless can also curse you during the boss fight.

There are several ways to heal from a curse, the most accessible of which is to use the Purging Stone. The easiest way to get a stone is in the Northern Undead Asylum. To do this, collect all 4 Cracked Red Eye Orbs at the bottom of the lift to the Undead Parish in the Firelink Shrine, then head from the ruins to the nest and follow to the Sanctuary. Sell ​​the Cracked Red Eye to Snuggly and he’ll give you two Cleansing Stones for each one.

  • Healing can also be obtained from Oswald of Carim in the Gargoyle Belltower area or from the undead merchant in the Firelink aqueduct.
  • Ingward in New Londo Ruins will also heal you for 1 soul.
  • Cannibal Clams in Ash Lake/Crystal Cave also drop Cleansing Stones.

How to heal from Parasitic Egg

Weirdest negative effect in the game. If you have been attacked by an arachnid parasite, there is some chance that it will lay its eggs in your head. Egg carriers have been found in the Demon Ruins and the Painted World. If they successfully lay eggs, your Sim will start scratching their head. After five minutes, the egg will penetrate deep enough and take half of the souls earned from you. The egg is so huge that you will automatically remove the helmet you are wearing.

With such an egg in your head, you will be able to deal more damage from the fire element. You will also unlock a larvae-bite attack if you feed another 100,000 souls to the parasite. This makes it evolve. The bite of the larva will replace your strike.

Like a curse, a parasitic egg can only be cured with a special item. Egg medicine will help you get rid of parasitic eggs. Several of these items can be found in the Painted World of Ariamis. Others can be purchased from Engi (Eingyi) – an NPC from a secret area. Hit the egg-covered wall after Quelaag’s arena to reveal a secret area. Talk to Engi and he will give you a free Parasitic Egg Cure every time you get infected.


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