Remastered – How to upgrade your healing items

Upgrade your Estus flasks with these well-hidden upgrades to your healing items.

There are never too many Estus in Dark Souls: Remastered. Flask of Estus is your permanently renewable healing item. There are only two ways to improve it. You can light fires, thus increasing the amount of Estus during your respawn. Or you can upgrade your flasks permanently so that each sip heals you more than before the upgrade. This solution to the problem requires the Souls of the Keepers of Fire (Fire Keeper Souls), and they are incredibly rare in the game.

Souls of the Fire Keepers are so rare that you can only get a few by killing Fire Keepers all over the place. If this still sounds like a good idea to you, then you should probably know that killing NPCs is forever. Therefore, if you kill the Keeper of Fire, then the nearest fire will go out forever. You will still be able to teleport to a non-functioning bonfire, but you will no longer be able to use it.

How to improve your healing items | Guide to the Souls of the Keepers of Fire

Souls of the Flame Keepers make your Estus flasks more effective. To improve them, you will need to turn one of the Fire Keepers – Lady Fair Lady (fair lady) Fire Shrine locations (Firelink Shrine), Servant of Chaos (Chaos Servant) Queeleg Hold locations (Queelag’s Domain) or Knight of Blades (Darkmoon Knightess) to Anor Londo (Anor Londo). You can only carry one Firekeeper Soul.

County Undead (Undead Parish)

Soul of the Flame Keeper #1: On the altar, in the Undead County church area. You will find him guarded by an undead knight.

Plague City (Blighttown)

Soul of the Flame Keeper #2: Starting from the path to the entrance to the Valley of the Drakes, you will find it in a dark pit guarded by dogs and poison darts.

Ruins of New Londo (New Londo Ruins)

Soul of the Flame Keeper #3: Look to the right as you walk across the narrow wooden bridge. As you approach the location, three ghosts will appear. If you hurry, you will be able to get the wish before you fall ingloriously at the very beginning of the game.

Quelaag’s Domain

Soul of the Flame Keeper #4: Kill the sister in the secret area hidden behind the illusory wall. Hit the egg-covered wall in the passage after the boss arena. It leads to the room containing the Servant of Chaos. Killing deactivates the bonfire at that location.

Anor Londo (Anor Londo)

Soul of the Flamekeeper #5: Kill the Knight of Blades at the first Anor Londo bonfire to obtain her Soul of the Flamekeeper. Killing her will also permanently put out the fire in that location.

Soul of the Flame Keeper #6: If you complete the storyline and let Knight Lautrec kill Anastacia of Astora, you will find a Black Eye Orb on her body under the fire of the Fire Temple. Use this eye to capture Knight Lautrec, kill him, and possess the Soul of the Fire Keeper. In addition, you will burn to return the soul of Anastasia.

Duke’s Archives

Soul of the Flame Keeper #7: Located at the bottom of the prison tower. You must be caught (killed during the first encounter with Seth) in order to gain access to the prison. Return to the bottom level of the tower with the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key to unlock the door behind the octopus-headed creature.


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