Remember Me – Combos and Movement Types

Movement types

The game itself also details each new element in the game as it becomes available to the player. So be sure to read the information that is displayed on your screen.

The combat system is unique in many ways. With the ability to design your own combinations, you can determine what types of attacks Nilin should perform and what their purpose is (regeneration, high damage, etc.). Let me remind you that there are five types of moves in the game:

  • Basic Moves (grey) – Every combo, whether it’s three hits or even eight hits, starts with a basic move. This type of attack deals regular damage and does not have any additional “properties”.
  • PowerMove (PowerPressens – Red) – This category is unlocked during the first battle in which you fight mutants, i.e. right after the start of the first episode. The main property of this type of moves is that they allow you to inflict heavier damage.
  • Regeneration Moves (RegenPressens – orange) – This category is unlocked after you meet one of the largest concentrations of mutants on your way to Tommy’s bar in the first episode. The main property of these moves is to replenish Nilin’s health bar with each hit that is landed correctly.
  • Cooldown Presses (Purple) – This category is unlocked after you meet a large group of Enforcers at the start of Episode 2. The main property of this type of moves is that they reduce the waiting time for the regeneration of special attacks (S-Pressen)
  • Chain Presses (Blue) – This category is unlocked by passing through the second part of the slums in the third episode of the game. The main property of this type of moves is that they increase the effectiveness of previous moves in this combination.

The above screenshot presents example combos that were used for the purposes of this walkthrough - Examples of combos - Combos - Remember Me - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The screenshot above shows examples of combos used in this walkthrough. It is worth remembering here that all moves are available immediately and that the consecutive attacks presented in the list on the right can be unlocked as a reward for reaching the next level of experience. After each such “advance”, choose the move that you really need at the moment. Also check if the attack you want to unlock is a strike so you don’t buy a move you don’t need right now.

I definitely recommend that you pay more attention to developing a more “universal” combo that Nilin can use in any situation. This is especially important if you don’t want to remember the correct button sequence for each combination. In my case, the last combination, that is, a combination of up to eight moves, was a universal combination. It pays off to have fewer offensive actions at the beginning, i.e. regenerating or recharging. What should follow are power moves with chain moves that take after and reinforce the previous moves at the end.

The longest combo, which is above, does a lot of damage, and as a result, most weak enemies can die before you reach the end. If you notice that this situation occurs frequently, consider developing less complex combinations, such as those in the second and third lines in the screenshot above.

I recommend you use the easiest combo you unlock at the very beginning of the game (three turn combo) to trigger the cooldown, unless you want to use special attacks more often and/or find it difficult to defeat some of the bosses that can only be weakened with specials. moves. In such a situation, you should think about changing the moves in some of the remaining combinations to your liking (with the exception of chain moves, which must necessarily go at the very end).


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