The year 2021 is approaching, which means that Adobe Flash Player will cease to exist very soon. And rejoicing in the arrival of new technologies and generations, we cannot forget about what was once considered the apotheosis of the gaming industry – Java games. Fortunately, some emulators allow you to download and enjoy old mobile games without buying a push-button phone.

Together with you, we will consider the J2ME Loader emulator, a link to which will be at the end of the news. It allows you to run most 2D Java games as well as some 3D projects. But such emulators so far exist only on Google Play because Apple categorically refuses such applications and bans them. Be sure to write the Java games you remember in the comments. It is worth noting that it is impossible to buy such projects at the moment, and their developers will definitely not be delighted with piracy. Therefore, we will not give links to many sources.

How to set up J2ME Loader?

Go to the settings and uncheck the “Enable ActionBar” and “Enable StatusBar” options. After that, a cross appears in a red circle below. Click on it and look for a .jar file. After that, we set up the game as follows:

  • Screen options: 240×320
  • The scale: one hundred
  • Scale-up: check the box
  • Maintain proportions: check the box
  • Emergency processing mode: check the box (this option is needed for some games to work normally; if you have the opposite situation, then uncheck the box)
  • Graphics mode: HW acceleration (OpenGL ES); if the game crashes, then return the “Software” option
  • Forced full-screen mode: check the box
  • Keyboard type: Telephone
  • The form buttons: Rectangle
  • Tactile feedback: check the box

The output should look like the picture. After the settings, select the desired game, press start, and enjoy the feeling of nostalgia.

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