Resident Evil 7 – How to complete Mia’s videotape episode?

Recordings on old video cassettes are optional, but they are with a very interesting development of the story. Thanks to them, we can better understand the events that took place before we stumbled upon Mia’s trail. You will automatically find the first VHS tape at the beginning of the game, in an abandoned guest house.

To start recording, you will need two things – a VHS cassette and a player. In the case of the Mia VHS tape, you will find it in the common room on the first floor of the Main House. There you will also find a player next to the TV.

Escape from Margaret

If you want to find the tape, you won’t be able to get the Marguerite, at least at the very beginning of the game, because the end of the tape will eventually lead you to it. At the beginning, after a few words spoken by Mia, there will be a woman behind her. You must escape from her, so at the beginning, follow the bridge behind the gate to the Old House.

After crossing the footbridge, enter the main door inside.

In the middle, turn left through the hole in the floor where you will also meet Evelyn, turn right and through the door. Now you will have access to the only possible path. After a while, Margarita will appear. Move back a little and hide behind the chest.

Hide behind this chest when you first meet the woman at home.

The woman will sway a little, then exit the corridor next to the door. You need to close the door, and then go to the other side of the corridor where she went. Quickly go through the room with the projector, ignoring the figurine, turn right sharply and hide as far as possible.

Stay in this place so that Margarita does not notice you.

The woman will walk there for about two minutes, shouting different slogans to you from time to time. At some point, she will go outside. When she gets back inside and exits the room, go back and interact with the figurine on the wooden stand.

Rotate the shape so that the shadow fits into the area of ​​the painting hanging on the wall.

Adjust the shadow to the shape in the image, then confirm and go through the secret passage thus activated. You will be on the other side of a room with a cracked and flooded floor. Do not go further, because Margarita will appear there. Instead, crouch and hide behind objects in front of you.

When the woman appears to your left, slowly walk around her to the right and go straight ahead, and finally turn right sharply and jump through the hole in the floor. Unfortunately, Margarita guesses your move and blocks two exits. After a few seconds the lights will go out and the woman will be right in front of you and the recording will end.


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