Resident Evil 8: Village got its first marks, should we expect another?

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Resident Evil 8: Village will be released on May 7th on PC, as well as previous and next generation consoles. A few days earlier, many gaming publications dashed off reviews and even rated the Village. Some decided not to give a rating, but simply shared their opinions. Let’s start with Polygon, these guys think of Village as an action horror. Capcom was able to achieve the perfect blend of these two genres. Next comes “Rock, Paper, Shotgun»: The gameplay is addictive, but Capcom tried to please everyone and we ended up with a strange cocktail. Boss battles are a kind of theatrical performance and if the player does not follow the rhythm, then you have to start over.

Edition Eurogamer quite the eighth part of Resident Evil, especially when it comes to level design. But there are a lot of holes in the plot, it’s weird and you don’t get pleasure from it.

Now let’s quickly go over the other editions and the ratings they have issued. In general, there are no bad ratings, as with Cyberpunk 2077:

  • GameSpot (9/10) – the eighth part is similar to the seventh. At the same time, the Village evolved and became a kind
  • IGN (8/10) – Village is similar to Disneyland, only with monsters. The boss battles are disappointing, but the game has a variety of enemies. There is no psychological horror here, as in the seventh part
  • PC Gamer (85/100) is a unique piece with its own character. The Resident Evil franchise may surprise even after 25 years of its existence

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