Resident Evil Village Guide: How to Build the Dimitrescu Necklace

Dimitrescu’s necklace is one of the most valuable items in Resident Evil Village. You will have to try hard just to find it, but without the missing stones it is useless. Two blood rubies increase the value of this incredibly valuable piece of jewelry exponentially.

If you can find all the pieces, the Double Gap Necklace will turn into the legendary Dimitrescu Necklace, which can be sold to a merchant for an impressive 50,000 lei. This is a considerable amount, and for the final part of the game you will need all the money that you can earn.

Collecting this treasure is one of the more difficult tasks in RE8 because you won’t have any clues. Not a single hint of where to look for the two missing rubies. You just have to rummage through every square centimeter of the village in search of stones, and they are very well hidden. It will be necessary not only to return to places that you might have forgotten about, but also to solve unique puzzles. Really!

But that is why the search for this treasure is also very interesting. And if you’re still trying to figure out how to complete the Double Gap Necklace, then you’ve come to the right place.

Double Gap Necklace

After you find the Marked Iron Key in Dimitrescu Castle, go down to the basement through the back of the kitchen. In the big room downstairs (where the ghouls will spawn again) open the door in the corner on the right and solve the puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, blow up the wall on the left with a pipe bomb. Then light the lamps by shooting at them with a pistol. When both lamps light up, the chest will open.

First Pigeon Blood Ruby

After defeating Moro and getting the handle, return to the village. Head to the Lonely Road towards the Ritual Site. Lower the raised bridge and enter the boat on the other side. On it you need to swim towards the castle and open a secret staircase in the well behind a small building using the wheel for the well.

There is a puzzle in the underground room. Climb up the ledge with the platform control panel. Then use the control panel to raise the platforms to get to the other side. Push the cart as far forward as possible.

After that, use the control panel again to raise the platform with the overloaded cart, and then push the cart off the platform. Now you can climb from the cart to the platform above the locked gate. The ruby ​​lies behind them and matches the necklace perfectly!

Second Pigeon Blood Ruby

In the southeastern part of the village there is a closed courtyard with chickens. Open the door with the crank, then climb up the ladder. Walk along the ledge and jump down to the iron-covered roof. On it lies a small box with a second ruby ​​of pigeon’s blood.

To assemble a rare treasure, insert both rubies into the Double Gap Necklace. It will turn into the Dimitrescu Necklace, which can be sold for 50,000 lei – one of the most expensive treasures in the game.

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