Resident Evil Village Guide: Music Box Puzzle

The series of puzzles that you need to solve in the Resident Evil Village in the Benevento house will continue after you find the code for the door in the doll workshop. You have to walk a lot through the basements of the house, and the next stop will be the pantry, where a music box puzzle awaits you.

You can almost immediately recognize the music box on the table in the pantry – it belonged to Ethan and Mia. As the note on the table says, it no longer works. But solving this puzzle can be quite difficult, because at first glance there is not a single clue about what you should do.

How to solve the box puzzle

To solve the music box puzzle in the pantry of the House of Benevento, you need to line up the cylinders so that the cuts on them match. It’s not a particularly intuitive process, but we’ll help you with it.

Viewed from left to right, replace the cylinder in the second position with the cylinder in the first position. Then change the cylinder in the fourth position to the second.

Now the (new) cylinder in position four should replace the cylinder in position three. Finally, swap the fifth position and the fourth. Press the play button and you’ll get a pair of tweezers that can be used to remove the tape from the doll’s mouth in the workshop.

That’s all. If you still need help with Resident Evil Village, take a look at our crafting and fighting Donna Benevento guides.

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