Return of Paramo Map, Mastery Medals, New Mechanics and More Details for PUBG Season 11

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Already on March 31 in the PC version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds and on April 8 in the console, the 11th season starts, which, by tradition, will be accompanied by a large patch with a lot of innovations and changes.

The main thing will be the return of the Paramo map, made on the theme of South America. Its dimensions will remain unchanged, 3×3 km, but the landscape will undergo improvements. There will be additional cover, dynamic main landmarks that change between fights, an increased spawn rate of weapons with equipment in the secret room and a helicopter with an airdrop. An option to create your own games on the map will also be added.

Among other innovations, we should expect:

  • New ranked season… He and all subsequent ones will now last two months, which means they will no longer intersect with the tickets of the survivors. Additionally, users can expect an increase in weapon spawn rates across all maps.
  • New Emergency Pickup mechanics… This is a special transport tool, which is a ball and works according to the Fulton system. After activating it, after 60 seconds, the flying plane will pick up the player and his attached squad to the next safe zone. The Emergency Evacuation item can only be found on the Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi maps.
  • Mastery Medals… There will be 10 fresh medals for achievements in all battles except Arcade, PUBG Labs, or Custom matches.
  • PUBG ID Mastery Medal Showcase… Allowed to add up to two medals to show to players via settings.

These were all the main innovations of the upcoming patch 11.1, which will appear in the game with the start of Season 11 on March 31st on PC. The full patch note is available on the official website.

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