Revealed the release date of Heroes of the Dark about vampires and werewolves

The gloomy strategy Heroes of the Dark has acquired a global release date. You can play it at the end of October, when many countries celebrate Halloween. Pre-registration is now available through digital stores and official site.

Gameloft is set to release the strategy game Heroes of the Dark on October 31st when the people are celebrating Halloween. You can now pre-order through the official website. For this, after the start of the servers, the players will be given a certain artifact that will allow “to reveal the strongest sides of your hero.” According to the plot, a war is going on on our planet between three factions: humans, vampires and werewolves. We have to collect a squad of heroes, which are divided into different classes.

Gameloft promises real-time PvP battles. At the same time, representatives of different races can be in one squad. The main task is to get the fragments of the Crystal, to conquer the territories and the entire Empire. In addition to strategy and battles, the developers will add a mansion that resembles the Fallout Shelter.

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