Review of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Review of the game “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Director James Gunn gave us two great Guardians of the Galaxy movies, and a third installment is in the works. Although the comics are the primary source, many people like this space team precisely because of the series of films. The new game Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has nothing to do with either one or the other, telling its own story, albeit with familiar characters. In this review, I will share my impressions of the project, which turned out to be very positive.

All heroes with alternate skins

The main characters of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are the five characters we already know: the talking raccoon Rocket, who loves to blow up everything, the humanoid tree Groot, Thanos’ adopted daughter – the green-skinned Gamora, the jock Drax and the team leader – earthling Peter Quill, also known as Star-Lord. They are all very different and differ in characters, motives and backgrounds. As the game progresses, you will unlock alternate skins for free. No microtransactions and DLC (except for the Deluxe-pack with early access to three skins) – yes, nowadays you even enjoy such things.

With the exception of individual missions, all characters participate in battles at the same time, but Quill is still the central link. It is with him that we will manage the entire game and make responsible decisions. Yes, there are elements of non-linearity in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. This is not some kind of deep RPG, but a third-person action game, so don’t expect millions of options for the development of events. Nevertheless, decisions will have to be made often, and some of them seriously affect the passage.

The locations turned out to be beautiful and varied

Even before the release, many noted the similarity of the combat system to Final Fantasy XV. Indeed, as in the Japanese jRPG, we play only one hero, and give orders to the rest. However, in practice, battles are completely different. First of all, because Quill mainly uses firearms and prefers to fight from a distance, although melee is also present.

Also, each character has its own unique features that are useful in certain situations. For example, Gamora deals huge damage to a single target, Drax is able to stun enemies, Groot stops with his roots, and Rocket … just blows everyone up in the specified radius. Star-Lord flies with jet boots. As you level up, you can unlock new abilities with the help of skill points, and according to the plot, each hero is given one powerful ult.

The combat system may seem pretty monotonous at first, but as new possibilities open up, it will become more and more fun. In addition, the gradual discovery of “features” helps not to get confused because of their large number.

Amazing !!!! Great !!!!! 11! 1!

After learning new skills, your team will have more ways to deal with enemies. Gamora will be able to attack multiple targets, Groot will throw up enemies in a radius, Rocket will be able to pull everyone into one point, and so on. The main character will have elemental attacks that can be useful against different types of enemies. In addition, with the accumulation of a certain scale, it is possible to use the “flyer”. This is a mechanic that allows the whole team to get together and make a little time out. At this time, your friends share their thoughts about the battle, and based on what has been said, you need to choose the correct line. If it turns out to be successful, then the whole team will receive a buff, and if not, only you.

The team’s features can be used not only in battle, but also in the exploration of locations. See a hole in the wall? Send the “rodent” there (as Drax calls the Rocket). Can’t get to the other side? Tell Groot to create a wooden bridge. It seems to be trifles, but they accumulate so much that you do not have time to get bored. Do not forget about the objects of the environment scattered on the battlefield, which are allowed to be used to gain an advantage.

The secret behind the waterfall – Check!

Another thing that diversifies the passage is completely unrelated to the gameplay. We are talking about dialogues, of which there are simply a huge number. The heroes are constantly chatting incessantly, commenting on what is happening, recalling past events, or simply teasing each other. These conversations do not irritate in any way, and sometimes amuse. The only drawback is that sometimes the dialogue can be interrupted if the script is triggered, after which a new one starts. Therefore, you have to periodically stop and wait until the conversation is over.

As in the films, the plot here is typical “marvel” – in good and bad senses, but it is the characters that make it most interesting. In addition, thanks to the game format, they manage to reveal themselves much better than in films.

A quest in which you need to lure a llama to a specific area by singing is something with something

Speaking of dialogues, it is worth mentioning the favorite expression of our team: “Crumple!”. The Guardians pronounce this word always and under any circumstances: to show surprise, anger, disappointment and other emotions. At first it sounds strange and ridiculous, but due to frequent use, you get used to it over time and you realize that it even gives the characters some additional charm. By the way, “Vyat” is not an invention of localizers, but a successful adaptation of the word “flark” from the English version.

The soundtrack in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is beyond praise. Especially for the game, the developers licensed many famous songs from the 80s from famous rock bands. Not that I am a big fan of classical rock, but the music is great for playing. There is even the song Never Gonna Give You Up performed by Rick Astley – yes, that one of the memes! In addition, new and very good tracks were recorded for the game from the non-existent Star Lord, in honor of which Peter Quill called himself Star Lord. Definitely deserves respect.

It is worth noting that the controls in Sentinels were initially sharpened for a gamepad and only then adapted for a keyboard and mouse. I played the game on a PlayStation 5, so I had no problems. The control turned out to be convenient and intuitive … The same cannot be said about the PC version, where even the interface was left as a console one. Therefore, if you are going to play, then I advise you to get a controller before that.

Well, what about without photo mode?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the best games licensed by Marvel in recent years, which has everything to not make the player bored: varied gameplay with constantly opening up new possibilities, charismatic characters, tons of dialogue and jokes, and a great soundtrack. Such interesting solitary adventures are sometimes sorely lacking.

Rating: ★★★★★

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