Rime – How to escape from a bird, riddles with the sun

After going to a new place, you will find yourself in a white desert. Run towards the red fabric, which will be torn by the wind. Run to each next location, up to the top of the shipwreck. An animation will start during which you will notice an approaching storm cloud.

Once again, you will be transferred to another location. There are strange characters there, but they don’t pose a threat. Just go down the stairs until you spot a fox. Run after her and climb up the stone ledges until you reach the fresco, which will light up. Then turn right and go through the open hole.

In the end, you will go outside, where you will notice the second puzzle related to the change in the time of day. Interact on the orb and then throw it at the third hour against the wall with the two statues. You need to cover the gate with a shadow like in the picture below.


The correct position of the shadow on the wall.

Then a short animation will start in which a dangerous bird will fly out of the sky and take the ball to change the time. Run to your nest on the long bridge. At some point, the creature will start chasing you and you will fall to the ground. From now on, you will have to make your way between dark places, otherwise the bird will get you and you will be in trouble.

The first camera shot will focus on the building complex with the windmill above it. However, you need a key to get there, so go left and run into the building you can see in the picture below.

You will soon receive the key you need.

In the middle, after turning left, you will meet a strange, bright figure. Approach it on the right, near the torch, and then yell a few times to make the moving wall move and unlock the next passage. This way you will reach the room at the end of which is the key. Pick it up and then activate the figure in the room next to it.

After a short animation, run outside and immediately turn left on the stairs where you can protect yourself from the bird in the shade. Running from shadow to shadow, head to the main building, where you will use the received key. Once inside, activate the figurine and quickly head up the stairs, running through the time passage.

Go further until you reach a room with a large luminous ball, symbolizing the sun. Using the shout, move the central column so that the metal ball (1) casts a shadow on the stone with the symbol. Then approach the sun symbol (2), and when the whole platform is gone, run to the stone with the symbol (3) and quickly climb up to it.

Stay in the shadows and run to the left until you reach the top floor of the building. Shout to activate the next figures to raise the golden platforms under which you can hide from the bird. At the end of the road you will see a skull-like block. Pull it out with an interaction so there is a bit more shadow on the board. Then pull the block towards the wall with the same symbol, moving in the same way to the other side.

Removing two of these blocks will protect you from the bird

Activate the next figure and then climb onto the rock next to the last golden key. Jumping between them, run to the other side, and through the wall. Quickly activate the last figurine. Now you need to pull out the second block with the skull located there so that the board darkens. From now on, the bird will disappear and your red-haired friend will appear in turn.


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