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Rime – How to open gates when adjusting golden pieces

After the first puzzle, which involved activating four animal statues, you acquired a new fox companion. Go to the top of the created column and move further along the bridge. On the left, you will notice a strange, shiny figure. Yell when you get pretty close to her so that her “ghost” jumps into the hole in front of you.

Thus, you will unlock the next passage, and a similar scheme will accompany you almost until the end of the game. After passing through the gate, turn right, where you will notice a fox. Run after it, jumping over to the other side of the small reservoir, then turn right and activate the piece (1) so that the platform (2) rises a little further off the ground.


The platform will only work for a few seconds, so you need to hurry.

You must reach it very quickly because it only activates for a few minutes. If you don’t, you will need to repeat the maneuver. Then jump over the window and on the other side you will notice a fox. After a short animation where the main character gets used to the red companion, keep going.

Follow the road for now, but when you come out into a slightly more open space, head towards the door visible in the picture below. There are three holes there, but only two of them are active. The third one is nearby because it is on the wall on the left. Start with activation, then move on to the other two.

You must activate three pieces within a short amount of time.

Once you activate them, go through the gate, and thus exit to a much larger area. Turn left, go below the walls and note the yellow figure (3) on which the fox was sitting. Approach the mechanism (4), shown in the figure below, and follow the interaction.

This puzzle is one of the easiest in the game.

An image will be launched in which you must set the item the fox was sitting on using the mouse or analog pad to match the mirror image of part of it on the wall. When you do it right, the symbol will glow gold (5) and you will open a large gate.

You will encounter this mechanism in the later stages of the game, although not in such a simple form. Sometimes you will have to rely on additional elements.


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