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In the area, you will be able to spot mysterious black shapes. Jump down and then keep to the right side. When you enter some of the ruins, there are a lot of characters scurrying about, but they won’t hurt you. Head inside, then jump onto the shelf in the middle column.

Walk to the left side, then climb onto the ledge and jump to the left. Follow the stairs down. Follow the dark corridors until you see a sunlit area. Dive into the water tank located there and swim across to the other side. You are safe because in the shade the bird will not notice you.

However, it is impossible to get to any other place on land, so you will have to dive. An underwater scene is waiting for you, in which a regular flow through large air bubbles will be crucial. Thanks to this, you won’t die, and your main goal is to get two keys.

Flowing through the blue bubbles will keep you alive.

Dive straight into the first bubble on the stairs, then follow the path down. Pass through the small gate and dive deeper. With the next bubble, turn left, take the next air bubble. Exit the bottom sand shelf, then turn right and jump onto the wall.

Turn left, climb up and jump into the column. Climb up, go right and jump to the ledge. Then just jump to the first golden key, then dive in and take the same path you came here. The air bubbles have already recovered. Once out on the open water, turn right and go straight ahead.

Do not enter, the main gate on the right. Follow the direction to the small gate under the sunken trees. Going down the corridors, you will reach a dead end. In the middle is a mechanism subject to screams. Turn it twice so you can jump down the stairs and get the second key.

Follow the same route to the main reservoir and this time enter through the main gate. Turn right, then a little left and then left again. Swim through the small hole on the surface where you will find two places on the wall for your keys. After using them, go through the unlocked passage, activate the figurine and run up the stairs.


You cast a shadow on the third panel with your own character.

It’s time for another puzzle, again related to casting a shadow. There is a stone block in the round room. Take it and set it as shown in the picture above so that the two panels with the sun are in the shade and thus reveal the two figures. Approach the ball in the middle, shout and quickly run towards the third sun symbol. If you did it in time, the water level will take you to the top floor.

Ignore the first room and head outside, turning sharply to the left and jumping to the golden edge of the white block. Climb to the top. Immediately turn left where the block with the skull is located. Pull it out so that the map area remains in shadow.


After exiting (1), immediately jump onto the white column (2) and pull the block (3) out of the wall.

Go back down and drag the block to the previous room and place it on the marker on the floor. Activate the panel and customize the shape, thanks to which a glowing sphere will appear on the block. Take it again and drag it to the right so that the sculpture located there casts a shadow on the panel with the sun. Then shout to activate the figure.

This will lead to another rise in the water level. Choose the only possible exit and go up the stairs to the left. When you approach them, immediately hide in the shadows. Pull the second block out of the wall and an animation will start in which the bird will attack you. Fortunately, nothing bad will happen to you.


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