Riot Games announced Valorant Mobile for iOS and Android, what does battle royale have to do with it?

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Remember when we said that Riot Games might release a mobile Valorant? The day of the announcement has come: the company itself has confirmed this information during an interview with Polygon… Before starting the development of the mobile version, the developers asked themselves the question: “What is Valorant and can this experience be transferred to mobile phones?” That is, Riot wants to make a separate version, as happened with Call of Duty Mobile and PUBG Mobile, but without lowering the bar (hello, Apex Legends Mobile). These guys already have experience transferring PC experience to smartphones – League of Legends: Wild Rift.

However, we should expect some changes. More specifically, the Riot representative did not talk about this, but nevertheless they made it clear to us that this would not be a copy of the original. Both versions will coexist with each other without cross-play capability. If you have a console and are waiting for Riot to bring the game there, then rest assured this will happen. But first, the guys will use their forces on mobile phones, since it is easier to translate it into reality.

As for the battle royale, here you need to take the word of a popular insider. Player IGN… Back in late 2020, he announced that Riot would announce the mobile Valorant in June 2021. So, in addition, he said that this version will add a battle royale mode. While this is unconfirmed information, but the person says the facts.

Valorant Mobile will be released on iOS and Android. There is no release date, the game is probably in an early stage of development. It will definitely be a microtransaction project.

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