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Riot Games has completely gotten rid of summoner names in League of Legends – Now there is only Riot ID

Riot Games has fully completed the transition from summoner names to Riot IDs in the popular MOBA League of Legends. Now the game uses only a common Riot ID for all projects, which consists of a nickname and a hashtag. The second part is not shown in the match score table, but can be seen by hovering over the player’s name.

There are several reasons why it was decided to abandon summoner names. Firstly, choosing a nickname is a very inconvenient process, and it takes a lot of time for players to come up with a unique name. Often they have to use different symbols and numbers to do this. Secondly, it makes life easier for developers because they no longer have to manage two different naming systems.

Changing your Riot ID, unlike changing your summoner name, is a free service. However, it can only be used no more than once every three months.

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