Riot Games is going to tougher punishment for evading a match in League of Legends

The MOBA League of Legends developers have shared some disappointing stats on high ranked games. Over the past months, 58% of matches in the Almaz 1 rating and above ended at the character selection stage. 24% of players do not confirm their readiness, 33% deliberately leave and cancel the game, 1% do not choose a champion, and only 42% of all matches start successfully.

Riot Games intends to fight these “dodgers”, especially those who do it on a regular basis. In addition to the two existing punishment levels, a third will appear. Thus, the penalties will be as follows:

  1. 6 minutes ban (regular and ranked games), 15 minutes ban (ARAM), -3 LP (ranked games)
  2. 30 minutes ban (regular and ranked games, ARAM), – 10 LP (ranked games)
  3. 12 hours of ban (regular and ranked games, ARAM), – 10 LP (ranked games)

The reset mechanics will also change. Previously, punishment levels would reset completely 24 hours after the last dodge. The level will now decrease by one every 12 hours. Of course, things will not be limited to the above, and in the future the “riots” are going to further improve the system.

The changes will be gradually introduced into the game over the next several updates, starting with patch 11.15. The developers want to be convinced of their effectiveness – to check whether the quality of matches will really be higher, and matchmaking will accelerate.

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