Rise Of Demons Could Replace DOOM On iOS And It’s No Joke

Shooter Rise Of Demons appeared in the App Store. In it, we destroy crowds of demons with a blaster, just like the Reaper.

Rise Of Demons is an indie project currently only available on iOS; There is no information about the version for Android. The gameplay is simple to the point of impossibility – we reflect the waves of the dead with statistics after each round – how many enemies were destroyed, how many headshots were set, and so on. Also, as we level up, we are given skills and new uniforms, including shotguns.

The graphics in Rise Of Demons deliver, especially with lighting and reflections. The only thing that may seem strange is the fisheye effect, which makes your vision blurs, and close-up models of demons turn into mush. I am glad that we are fighting in more than one location, only there is no Russian localization, and it is not needed here – there is no plot in Rise of Demons at all.

The developers promise a whole skill tree and an individual approach to clearing locations. Of the minuses – the lack of online elements, although on the other hand you can play offline.

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