Rival Escalation” released for Deep Rock Galactic

The developers of the multiplayer sci-fi first-person shooter Deep Rock Galactic have announced the release of the Season 02: Rival Escalation content update.

The patch added a lot of new content, among which the most important is:

  • Seasonal event: RIVAL SIGNAL, which allows you to earn several fresh rewards for completing the task of interrupting the communication router.
  • Hordes of robotic rivals in the caves that compete with players and can pounce on anything with the DRG emblem at any time.
  • New enemy: RIVAL NEMESIS in the caves. Not only does it have a lot of power, but it can also hunt down and eliminate players.
  • New free Performance Pass with double seasonal event bonuses, new rewards, cosmetics and more. and in the store.
  • New secondary weapons such as crossbow, diffractor, pistol, COLETTE wave weapon.
  • The ability to buy cosmetics for Phazionite.
  • Weapon balancing, bug fixes, character selection for charged Matrix Cores, DLSS support, FSR, new DLC, and more.

You can find the full list of innovations in the official patch note.

Deep Rock Galactic - Season 02 - Launch Trailer

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