RPG game Waifu vs Kaiju causes facepalm

Waifu vs Kaiju has appeared on Google Play. This is an RPG with rare waifu, idle elements and auto-battles. Was it worth the wait?

Waifu vs Kaiju is an RPG and debut project from Double Dice Games. If you look at the screenshots and video with the gameplay, you can say one thing: “The first pancake is lumpy.” In the game, we are offered cartoonish waifu with a drawing that gives a little AFK Arena. Missions and graphics are not the most interesting, because we are just watching what is happening, and there is nothing to look at. Also, almost at the start, we are shown dungeons that several heroes can farm in parallel.

Characters in Waifu vs Kaiju differ not only in rarity, but also in elements. They must not only be pumped, but also outfitted. In the hub city, you can see several buildings that can somehow brighten up the time: an arena for PvP battles, expeditions (probably for the extraction of resources) and a certain “Mystical zone”. At first, it is not open and this is possibly content for high levels. Conclusion: Waifu vs Kaiju is unlikely to go to anyone.

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