Ryzen 3000 Processors Will Not Fall In Price After The Release Of Ryzen 5000

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Both processor lines will be sold in parallel

The cheapening and disappearance of old generation products from the shelves when releasing new products is a completely standard practice in the industry, whether it be smartphones or processors. But for Ryzen 3000 processors, this may not work.

Ryzen 3000 processors will not fall in price after the release of Ryzen 5000

The fact is that a little more than a week remains before the official premiere of Ryzen 5000, but AMD has not yet offered clear discounts on Ryzen 3000, although this is standard practice for clearing warehouses before the new generation solutions arrive on them. Besides, AMD recently, in the summer, updated the Ryzen 3000 line (Matisse Refresh models were released), and it would be very strange to remove these processors from the shelves now. This state of affairs is leading industry analysts to believe that Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 5000 will be sold in parallel. In this case, you should not count on some huge discounts about the younger line, at the same time, Ryzen 5000 will be positioned as a separate line, one or two higher. Yes, a couple of Ryzen 3000 models have become more affordable in recent days, but this is not at all the level and volume of discounts that can be expected when changing CPU generations. It is more like a natural decline in value over the course of a product’s life cycle. 

Source: MyDrivers

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