Sabnatika download torrent For PC

Sabnatika download torrent For PC Sabnatika download torrent For PC

Sabnatika download torrent

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The game Sabnatika download torrent is a project created by the type of classic “sandboxes” dedicated to the underwater expanses in which the gamer will have to survive. In essence, this is a standard simulator for scuba diving enthusiasts. However, this simulator is now considered one of the best survival games in the depths of the sea. The developers have added many new “chips” that will surprise even experienced gamers.

Story line

The game begins with a large-scale crash of a research ship, as a result of which the main character falls into the ocean on another planet. To survive, you only have an escape pod with very limited supplies. So the resources necessary for life will have to be obtained independently. And although the alien depths seem unfamiliar, the beauty and atmosphere of the underwater world are amazing. Thanks to the background sound, high-quality animation and the most natural colors, it feels like you really plunged to a depth of hundreds of meters. You have the opportunity to explore the gutters and caves, build a real submarine and naval base. The main thing is not to forget about caution, because the depth is not only the beauty of untouched reefs, but also dangerous monsters who will not mind turning an intruder into their dinner.

Game process

The gamer has 3 modes available: free (gradually depleting air and health), direct survival (limited supplies of health and air, the player needs food + dangerous inhabitants of the ocean appear) and hardcore mode (the same survival, however, you have only one life left ). Beginners in Sabnatica usually start with survival, because without food and ocean inhabitants, the very meaning of the process is lost. At the beginning of the story, the character will not have many additions – this is a first-aid kit, a kind of “workbench” for crafting items, a mini-storage room, batteries with automatic charging, and two exits through which you can get into the ocean or onto the roof of the capsule. Capsule resources will come in handy throughout the game. The main thing is to monitor the amount of oxygen when diving and rise to the surface in advance. Once you’ve mastered the terrain and crafted your basic gear, you can begin building your base and exploring the far reaches of the ocean.

Features of “Sabnatika”

  • Although at first the game seems large-scale, thanks to clear controls and thoughtful settings, playing it is quite simple and at the same time interesting.
  • You need to count time and resources. As in real life, you constantly consume food and water. Therefore, the timely construction of the base and the creation of equipment here become vital. Do not forget about tanks, fins and other devices – more air volume and movement speed will help save the character’s life.
  • The creators of the game foresaw the existence of plants capable of producing oxygen. Theoretically, if you are constantly near them, then you can not rise to the surface.
  • Over time, there will be fewer useful resources near the base and fish, so you will have to master more and more distant distances.
  • The player receives energy for creating items from automatically charging batteries. The charge is restored gradually and does not depend on external conditions.
  • You can make the gameplay easier or harder by choosing one mode or the other. A well-thought-out survival system in the game Sabnatica download a torrent or a calm study of the local flora and fauna – it’s up to you.

System requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista SP 2 or later, 64-bit only!
  • Processor: Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent (including graphics cards that score over 950pts in 3DMark Fire Strike.)
  • Storage: 10 GB free space


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