Samorost has been released on iOS, Android and PC, the game is handed out for free

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Amanita Design studio produces interesting and unusual quests. It all started with Samorost. This is a Flash game where we play as a Dwarf. He must save his planet from an asteroid. The game is fast, it takes about half an hour. There is no particular interactivity, we only need to tap on the right part of the screen to progress through the plot. As for the innovations, they are. This includes updated sound, improved graphics and even a new soundtrack.

It turns out that if you’ve always wanted to try Samorost, but the old version was frightening, now is the time. The age limit is “3+”. To run on Android, OS 5.0 or higher is required.

Samorost is already available on iOS, Android and PC. This is a free game for both platforms. It is unclear whether Amanita Design will keep such a “price” in the future, but it is better to pick up the project now. In the App Store, the game is ranked 34th in the top “Family Games”. It has 4.9 stars out of 5 on Google Play. Let’s increase that number.

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