Samsung and Marvell Unveil 5G SoC

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Samsung Electronics and Marvell have announced that they have jointly developed a SoC for 5G network equipment. It will be used in Samsung Massive MIMO and other RF blocks. Network operators will start receiving equipment on this SoC in the next quarter

Samsung and Marvell Unveil 5G SoC

According to Samsung, the design goal was to help implement new technologies that improve the radio frequency units of cellular networks by increasing bandwidth and coverage while reducing power consumption and size. The new SoC simultaneously supports 5G and 4G networks, outperforming previous solutions by up to 70% in terms of power consumption.

This is not the first collaboration between Samsung and Marvell. Last year, the companies announced joint development of new 5G products, including innovative radio architectures to reduce the processing power required to deploy Massive MIMO.

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