Samsung Galaxy S20 owners complain about sudden display failure

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Now we will talk about the failure of their Samsung Galaxy S20 screens. To date several cases of “death” of Samsung Galaxy S20 displays are known and so far, it is impossible to solve the problem in any other way, except for an expensive replacement of the screen. Yes, in the past, Samsung smartphones have faced problems with screens more than once. Take the same Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, the touch screen of which ceased to correctly recognize pressing. True, then the problem was software, not hardware, and it was possible to solve it with the release of a software update. Now, the owners of smartphones of last year’s flagship series Samsung Galaxy S20 have faced problems with displays. They especially affected users Samsung Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20

According to users, it all starts with the appearance of stripes on the screen, the number of which grows over time and in the end the entire display becomes white or green, completely failing. This problem has been raised more than once on the official Samsung forums. To solve it, technical support specialists suggested resetting the settings and restarting the device. However, it was not possible to resurrect the screen in this way. According to users, the only reliable solution to the problem is to replace the display. And if the warranty has already expired, then such a repair will cost a pretty penny.

Samsung itself has not yet commented on user complaints. So far the problem seems to be affected a small part of devices of the Samsung Galaxy S20 family… However, users deserve to receive an official comment from the manufacturer.

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