Samsung Electronics has released an updated Samsung Internet 13.0 web browser with several new features and additional security.

Samsung Internet has received Secret Mode, which allows you to automatically clear your browsing history, while the corresponding icon is displayed in the address bar.

Samsung Internet 13.0 browser introduced

The list of new features includes:

  • High Contrast Mode with Dark Theme enabled
  • Expandable Bookmarks, Saved Pages, History, and Downloads bar.
  • The ability to hide the status bar
  • The ability to pause playback while watching a video in full-screen mode using Video Assistant by double-tapping the screen’s center.
  • Easy editing of bookmark titles for easier searching

Samsung Internet 13 introduces new developer APIs, including web requests, proxies, cookies, types, history, alerts, privacy, notifications, permissions, inactivity, and controls.

Samsung Internet 13.0 browser introduced

Samsung Internet 13.0 can be downloaded from Google Play or Galaxy Store.

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