Samsung’s impermanence. Galaxy S21 smartphones will not have ToF cameras

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Although the Galaxy S20 has them

Before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S20 line, it was repeatedly said on the Web that the company was going to actively use ToF cameras in its flagship, and not only, smartphones.

Time-of-flight cameras are indeed common these days, although it’s hard to say if they have any effect on the quality of photos. Quite possibly not, as sources now claim that the Korean giant will not use such cameras at all in the Galaxy S21 lineup. By the way, an indirect confirmation of this is the fact that Note20 smartphones just do not have ToF cameras.

Samsung's impermanence.  Galaxy S21 smartphones will not have ToF cameras

The reasons for this decision by Samsung, according to the source, is precisely that the ToF cameras that the company can use are not effective enough. In addition, they are worse than the lidars in the iPad Pro and upcoming iPhones, because the former use an indirect method of determining the distance to an object, and the lidars use a direct method. The source says that Samsung cannot use solutions like those of Apple, because the latter has signed an exclusive contract with Sony, and no one else supposedly produces such sensors, but this information looks controversial.

However, Samsung is already working on its own image sensor of this type so as not to depend on third-party manufacturers.

Source: The Elec

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