Samsung’s most expensive flagship fails DxOMark test in disgrace

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Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, equipped with a foldable screen, is the most expensive South Korean manufacturer’s serial flagship. DxOMark laboratory specialists tested his camera and gave it 109 points.

The smartphone scored 108 points for photo quality, 102 points for video quality, and 63 points for zoom capabilities. With such a result, it did not even make it to the Top 40 of the best camera phones, behind the Xiaomi Mi 9 and even the budget Google Pixel 4a. Plus, the Galaxy Z Fold2 scores just one point higher than the low-cost OnePlus Nord.

The review says the device’s main camera often lacks detail in images. Also, it suffers from noise and autofocus problems in low light and indoor environments.

Samsung's most expensive flagship fails DxOMark test in disgrace

Also, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 camera has problems with nasty artifacts, color distortions, and so on. Good exposure and brightness, ultra-wide-angle lens FOV, white balance, and stabilization are among the positives.

With the foldable display technology honed, Samsung should pay attention to the camera of the upcoming flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, which is expected next year.

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