Sandbox My Time at Portia Mobile can be pre-ordered with a 30% discount, release date is known

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Publisher Pixmain has announced a release date for the My Time at Portia Mobile sandbox. The game will not be released as soon as we would like, but still. Here, players will be able to explore a huge world in which many secrets and enemies are hidden in post-apocalyptic lands. Since we are playing as a newcomer to Portia, we will have to restore the old workshop and help other residents.

Mobile gamers should expect a redesigned interface with full controller support. A simplified menu is also available to them. Compared to the older version, the mobile phone will not have a lot of “grind” and other tasks that take a lot of time. Plus, you can save in auto and manual modes. This will help you play on the road and not worry about lost progress.

My Time at Portia Mobile will be released on August 4th, 2021 on iOS and Android. This will be a premium project; Now you can pre-order the game in the App Store with a 30% discount. Russian localization is not specified, although Pocket Gamer talks about “multilingual port”.

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