Santorini: Pocket Game – Aegean City Planner Simulator for Smartphones

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NANOO studio managed to release several games on smartphones; among them is the Merge Dungeon, which resembles Darkest Dungeon in style and gameplay. Now these guys have decided to do something more fun, for example: go to Santorini, a resort in the Aegean Sea. There they took 16 thousand steps every day and managed to take more than 200,000 photographs. And all in order to make the game Santorini: Pocket Game. This is a pretty arcade theme where we have to develop our village. It is necessary to build hotels, restaurants and so on there. In general, to attract tourists.

To increase the number of tourists on the island, it is necessary to improve the airport and harbor. The soundtrack for the game was written by a certain Cleopas Thanasis, who lives in a small village on the island of Santorini. He recorded 10 tracks and sent them to the developers by mail.

Santorini: Pocket Game will launch on iOS and Android on April 27th, according to the App Store. It will be a shareware project with ads and microtransactions. Russian localization will be.

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