Advance Generation Tech has released a new shooter called Sci-Fi Cover Fire. It is executed in a futuristic setting… Here we will fight cyborg players and huge mechs. There are both offline modes with bots and PvP battles, in the arsenal of players’ latest guns, which seem to have come from the Halo universe. There is also a use for sniper rifle lovers.

The gameplay takes place in the first person. We are fighting robots and aliens. The developers claim that their project is the “best choice” for fans of classic Android games. We are also promised RPG elements (most likely this is customization and pumping of guns). According to all science fiction standards, the local world is made: spaceships, a new planet, and an alien threat.

The storyline campaign is divided into levels. At the very beginning, we land on Mars, after which we immediately set off kill the aliens on low poly maps. Sci-Fi Cover Fire is already available on Android.

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