Sea of ​​Dawn will officially launch tomorrow in China, have time to download

The developers of Sea of ​​Dawn have made it possible to pre-download the client so that you are among the first to start sailing the seas and oceans.

Sea of ​​Dawn is a great replacement for Sea of ​​Thieves, though not everyone agrees. The game offers freedom of action, mini-games and console-level graphics; more about this in a previous article. This time we will talk about the Chinese release, which is scheduled for tomorrow, July 28th at 05:00 Moscow time. Now you can preload the client on Android, there is no information about the version on iOS.

Those who have played Sea of ​​Dawn note that most battles take place at sea, on land – more like a bonus. There aren’t many daily quests, which is completely different from typical mobile MMOs. Unfortunately, the success of the project depends on the number of players, as testers noticed that after 2 months after the start of beta tests, the population of local worlds became scarce and Sea of ​​Dawn really turned into a solo adventure.

Of course, since this is a mobile project, in Sea of ​​Dawn you can buy rare equipment for diamonds (premium currency), and in the later stages of development, gold loses a lot of value. Sea of ​​Dawn installation instructions can be found in the previous post.

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