Sea of ​​Thieves : How to reach the volcanic islands and survive

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to get to the volcanic islands and survive the volcanic eruption in Sea of ​​Thieves’ latest update, Lonely Shores.

The Sea of ​​Thieves update, Forsaken Shores, sends brave pirates to the uncharted location of the Devil’s Roar. This place is full of secrets, mysteries and all sorts of tests.

The Devil’s throat can scare even experienced sailors, and it can completely terrify inexperienced beginners. In this most dangerous place, powerful earthquakes, deadly geysers and destructive volcanic eruptions await pirates. Especially so that you do not die too quickly by the death of a hero in this most dangerous location, we have prepared for you a useful step-by-step guide to the Lonely Shores.

Step 1: Travel to Morrow’s Peak Outpost

To begin the Lonely Shores challenges, you need to head to the eastern part of the map, where the Devil’s Throat is now located. In the central part of the new playable area you will find Morrow’s Peak Outpost.

Once you arrive at the outpost, talk to Duke and he will ask you to explore the Devil’s Throat Islands and locate the five members of the alliance.

Step 2: Explore 5 islands

Then just follow the instructions and find the location of the five skeletons of the Lonely Shores alliance members:

  1. Fletcher Farley – located on the top of the western hill on the island of Fletcher’s Rest;
  2. Flintlock Bert – you will find him on the northern coast of the Flintlock Peninsula;
  3. Ruby Carter – located under the bridge in the center of Ruby’s Fall Island;
  4. Epzibah Jones – located in the center of the islands of the Lonely Land (Forsaken Brink), in a hut;
  5. Old Coop – Found in the northern hills of Devil’s Thirst Island.

On your ship map, you can easily find all these islands.

Most of the islands you’ll visit during the Lonely Shores challenges will be fairly large and will likely contain volcanoes. At regular intervals, they regularly erupt, bringing death and destruction to any unconcerned traveler and his ship.

During the volcanic eruption, stones rapidly fly into the air, and then fall from heaven to earth all over the island and around it, causing damage to the pirates and the ship. In order for you to successfully survive this natural disaster, we will give you some useful tips:

Step 3: Survive a volcanic eruption

  • If you are approaching the island during an eruption, then it is better to move away and wait out this dangerous time at a safe distance;
  • If the eruption caught up with you after landing on the island, then either try to swim to your ship as soon as possible, or find shelter on the island itself. For this, tunnels and caves are perfect, which will protect you from stones falling from above;
  • Even if the eruption has stopped, stay alert, because it can resume very soon. The periodicity of eruptions is determined randomly: sometimes a lot of time can pass, and sometimes a new batch of stones begins to fall from the sky ten minutes after the previous one.

Now you know how to reach the volcanic islands in the Lonely Shores update and stay alive during the volcanic eruption. To keep up to date with all the news and useful tips about Sea of ​​Thieves, don’t forget to check our website regularly for updates, and we, in turn, will try to please you with new useful and interesting information about this game.


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