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Season 9 in Sea of ​​Thieves with Chests of Fortune has started

In the pirate multiplayer action game Sea of ​​Thieves, the ninth season has started, accompanied by update 2.8.0, along with which the so-called fortune chests appeared in the game. Players can travel to Fortune Forts and find Fortune Chests locked in storage to exchange them for valuable rewards. In future seasons, these chests will move around the map, taking battles to new locations.

In Season 9, the Forts received improvements across the board, with the Wraith Armadas once again attacking sailors, and world events now adapt to any crew size. Also, sunken ships will be more likely to be found between islands rather than on the edges of the map, making them more visible. In addition, players are waiting for new journeys, an updated captain’s journal and new features for the Rulers.

You can see the full list of changes for the ninth season on the official website.

Sea of Thieves Season Nine: Official Content Update Video

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