Secret code in DOOM Eternal

There is a computer in the Executioner’s room in the Keep of the Guardians that requires a password. We tell you how to get it and what it gives.

The recently released DOOM Eternal has a huge amount of secrets. Most of them (cheat codes, albums, toys, runes, etc.) are hidden in different corners of story locations. At the same time, the Stronghold of the Guardians is no exception – the place where you find yourself after completing almost every task.

How to get into the executioner’s room

There is a lot to do in the Stronghold. For example, this is the only place where you can find and unlock skins (main character costumes) using Guardian batteries. Yes, there are other skins for the Executioner and weapons, they are issued for certain achievements. But here they are unlocked like other collectibles.

If you go down one tier below, you can see a wall with a semicircle. Behind it is a door leading to the Executioner’s private quarters. Take a closer look. There are a lot of interesting things here. You can even understand what the protagonist of the game does at his leisure. There is a workbench where he is likely to make new weapons, simulators that allow him to keep fit, as well as guitars hanging on the wall, clearly confirming the fact that the Executioner likes Mick Gordon’s heavy metal. Also, found toys and unlocked weapons will gradually accumulate on the shelves (one, by the way, is secret, and we talk about it in a separate guide).

Now take a look at this antediluvian PC. Look closer, interact, and you’ll see two floppies here. Please note that a separate control system operates inside this PC, indicated at the bottom of the screen.

How to unlock floppy disks

Both floppy disks provide access to the classic games DOOM and DOOM 2. The first floppy disk will become available after you unlock all 14 cheat codes. 11 of them are hidden inside the story levels, two are in the Keep of the Guardians, and one more is unlocked by completely upgrading the Praetorian costume for the points of the same name. And once all the floppy disks are available to you, you can run the classic DOOM, first released in 1993, on the PC in the Executioner’s room.

As for the second floppy disk and DOOM 2, here the game requires you to simply enter some kind of password. Enter flynntaggart and enjoy the second part of the classic shooter!

Where did this password come from?

This code will only be familiar to those who played the original DOOM. Flynn Taggart, also known simply as Fly, is the protagonist more familiar to the community as DOOM Kid or The Executioner.

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