Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 10 Beginner Tips from a Soulsborne Veteran

An avid Soulsborne fan offers 10 survival tips to keep in mind while playing through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. The combat system feels more planned (and deadlier) than ever, but you can get used to everything. The most drastic changes are in the new button layout. Now you can jump on command, for example. And you need to get used to them, because in order to avoid some unblockable attacks, you need to perform a quick double jump.

Use stealth for reconnaissance and avoid conflict

Stealth is an incredibly powerful tool in Sekiro. Even if you’ve played other Soulsborne games, it feels different here. You no longer have to face ABSOLUTELY every enemy. If you sneak up on an enemy or jump on top of them, you can perform an instant kill. It is also possible to avoid most of the enemies by using alternate paths throughout the levels.

NOTE: Another good reason to use stealth? Eavesdropping! If an enemy spots you in any area, you won’t be able to eavesdrop on anyone’s conversation. The icon will only appear above ignorant enemies – eavesdropping can reveal boss weaknesses, secret paths, or unlock new items from vendors.

Start with the rooftops. The grappling hook is not just a means of transportation. You can fight enemies in combat or use it to avoid encountering groups of enemies. Don’t be afraid to run and avoid difficult opponents. You can even use the grappling hook (and stealth) to completely avoid bosses or mini-bosses. This is really very strange.

Parrying is more effective with patience

There is no shield in Sekiro. Enemies have them, but for defense you need to learn how to parry blows. Reflecting an enemy’s attack helps you fill up the enemy’s concentration bar faster, which will allow you to finish him with a killing blow. Bosses have two health bars, while normal enemies only require one killing blow.

Parrying is a tricky skill, but definitely worth practicing. The main thing is to press the button at the right time just once. Timing isn’t as hard as in other Souls games, and learning how to parry will be critical in just about any encounter with enemies.

You have two lives, use them wisely

The peculiarity of the game is that you have two lives – if you die once, you can resurrect without any consequences. But if the character dies a second time, then he loses some of the money. In addition, some earned skill points will be lost. But remember that this will only happen if the Wolf dies twice. If you can hide after the first death, you can return to the Sculptor’s Idol and restore “lives”.

However, there is another consequence of the second death – a strange disease called dragon disease will progress with each time. We don’t know how many deaths it takes to spread the disease, but better use the second lives carefully and wisely!

Are you afraid of losing Sen? Convert currency

A trick that can be done at almost any supplier. For a small additional fee (around 10%-20%), you can convert your in-game currency, called Sen, into gold pouches. Buy gold pouches from the vendor and you will no longer lose your gold when a character dies. Just open the pouches later when you want to spend your hard-earned cash.

If you have already collected a good amount of gold, and do not want to lose everything, buy pouches from the nearest seller to “put money in the bank.” This is very useful, especially when saving money to buy shinobi prosthetics.

Don’t play fair – you can backstab the boss

This is something that many could not guess for quite a long time. It’s completely foreign to any part of Soulsborne – you can backstab bosses. Almost every mini-boss at the beginning of the game can be easily weakened with this move. All you need to do is hide and wait until they stop looking and return to their area, thus becoming easy prey.

You can only perform this trick once. If you hide from the boss, then he is fully restored. However, it’s incredibly useful. The boss’s sneak attack takes one of two lives. Basically, after that, you will enter the fight with the boss, which has half health. This is especially useful against the Drunkard – you can first neutralize the guard soldiers, hide, and then backstab the number one target.

Buy and equip Robert’s Firecrackers ASAP

For a measly 500 gold, you can buy Robert’s firecracker prosthesis from offering merchants. They are very hard to find: they are on a high cliff, to the left of the gate leading to the fight with the Chain Ogre. Get firecrackers to make the fight a lot easier.

Firecrackers don’t just scare/stun enemies. They will scare any boss or opponent you come across. They also scare away animals, so use them to piss off animals whenever possible.

Fight red-eyed opponents with fire

Sometimes you encounter enemies with red glowing eyes. Instead of fighting these ugly, ferocious creatures, it’s best to leave the matter to the fire. To do this, it is worth using the Shinobi Fire Valve prosthetic – use oil and fire to set fire to the red-eyed creatures.

Enemies with red eyes are dangerous, as is melee combat with them. Better to just burn them and move on.

You have unlimited stamina – never stop running

Relearning the basic movement in Sekiro can take some time. You don’t just jump on command, you can also run. Other Souls games have this feature too, but in Sekiro your hero should never stop. Sprinting does not reduce stamina at all, as the character has unlimited stamina.

Also, dodging is not as effective as in other FromSoftware games. You are only truly protected when you dodge quickly – immediately after pressing the button at the right moment.

Practice Mikiri Counterattacks

You’ll be able to take on spear-wielding thugs with just your sword once you’ve unlocked Mikiri’s counterattack. This is one of two shinobi techniques that can be mastered almost from the start, making spear fights quite easy.

NOTE: as you progress, you will unlock weapons and techniques that will make it easier to fight certain types of enemies. Mikiri’s counterattack is great for countering knives, but you’ll also get an Ax prosthetic that can pierce through enemy shields.

With the help of Mikiri’s counterattack, the hero literally stuns opponents, leaving them open to attack. This is an easy-to-learn technique that can also seem like something of a minor.

Explore every area – you can find new routes

If you’re stuck and can’t beat the boss, or you’re entering an area where enemies instantly take down the wolf with powerful attacks, then you’ll probably want to head off to explore somewhere else. Sekiro is designed so that there are always alternate paths, new routes, and secondary bosses. If you get stuck at some point, try re-exploring old areas of the map.

There are two ways to improve your physical abilities in Sekiro. You can either increase your health or improve your attack power – this will require memories or rosary beads. Both items (mostly) come from defeating minor bosses.

In the vast open world of Sekiro, secrets can be found in every nook and cranny. If some area is too difficult to complete, you are probably not ready for it yet.

Those were 10 Sekiro Survival Tips! You can see other game guides on our website!


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