Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – How to defeat the Demon of Hate boss

image9 6 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - How to defeat the Demon of Hate boss

This is one of the hardest bosses in the game. This is an optional enemy that you don’t need to kill to advance the plot. He will appear in the final stage of the game when you get close to choosing an ending.

You can only face him after you defeat the Divine Dragon in the Spring Palace. When you return to the castle in Ashina, go to the Ashina Dungeon by crossing the bridge located between the regions. Unfortunately, you will have to re-unlock the sculptor figurines in Ashin Castles.

First go to the sculptor’s statue: Old Grave. Go down the stairs to the very end of the location. In a place where there was no passage before, a wooden bridge will appear (in the picture above).


Go all the way straight, fighting opponents – or bypassing them – until you reach the sculptor’s statuette (shown in the picture above). Activating it will take you to the battle arena of the Demon of Hatred boss. Earlier here, you defeated Gyubu Oniwa.

First phase

Once you are face to face with the boss, run towards the enemy and perform a strong attack.

Stay as close to the boss as possible. Then his ranged attacks won’t reach you.


So when you are away from the boss, try to get close to his feet. Do it carefully because the enemy will follow you with numerous attacks. As you approach him, go around him so you can avoid his attacks.

Standing in front of the boss, carry out attacks – fast and strong. This one will bounce or perform special attacks. Then try to reach the enemy again and hit him from behind.


The boss often lifts his foot in an attempt to step on you (pictured above). You can dodge or block his attack. Beware, because sometimes he also lifts his other leg, which may surprise you.

When you are close to the boss, he will sometimes rise into the air, so that he can fall to the ground, causing a fiery explosion. When you notice that the opponent is rising, run as far as possible from the place where he will fall. As it approaches the ground, jump and catch the demon’s cord when you see the green sign (pictured below). This will force you to get closer to the enemy. While still in flight, you can make a series of strikes.


When you see the red mark, after a while the boss will start charging. Be sure to step aside.

If you are away from the enemy, he will sometimes jump in your direction. Bypassing this attack is easy. This is also a good opportunity to quickly approach the boss and deal damage to him.

Most of the boss’s hits can be blocked, but it’s best to avoid them because it will give you a chance to counterattack.

After performing a few or about a dozen hits, the boss will weaken. Use this and unleash a series of quick attacks. This can happen twice in one step.

In the fight against this boss, prosthetic tools will not help much. Shinobi fireworks or an umbrella won’t do any good.

Second phase


The second stage is more intense. The boss has the same attacks as the first one, but there are new ones that are harder to defend against.

The first are the fireballs that the demon throws in your direction (pictured above). As soon as you see the first rocket, run to the side. Make sure there is nothing in front of you. If you run into a wall or stone, you will most likely stop. Then the burning ball will hit you, which will probably end in the death of the character. By moving to the side, you can carefully close the distance from the boss to get closer to him. After firing the last projectile, the enemy will stop for a moment. This is your chance. Beware when you run. If you start to turn sharply, the fireball is sure to hit you.

The second, very dangerous attack – the enemy will launch a wave of flame in your direction (in the picture below), which has a very wide and long range. Run sideways when you see the enemy launch this attack. As the fire approaches, jump and catch the rope with the opponent. Thanks to this, the shinobi will approach the enemy. Perform several attacks in flight. When you fall, repeat the series and circle the demon.


Third phase

The third stage is the most difficult. The boss gets more new attacks that are hard to defend against.

Those with red marks are especially dangerous.

The first is when the boss – using his hand to circle – creates fire rings (in the picture below) in which he can close you. If you find yourself in the middle of the ring, you can’t leave. You must fight the enemy inside the circle. It is important that you watch out for his attacks and try not to fall into the fire trap. Finally, try to get as close to the boss as possible, preferably behind his back. Focus on defense and avoid damage.

The second is the charge that the boss directs in your direction. When you see him running in your direction, back away or jump to avoid his attack.

Watch out for boss attacks when you are standing in front of him. The enemy can hit you on the head, so always try to stay behind his back.



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