Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – How to get to selected locations

image11 5 Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - How to get to selected locations

There are no hints, tips, or mission markers in the game that will lead them to their goal. There are only cards in the game, which further complicates the gameplay.

We discover the world, which, of course, has its pluses and minuses.

Undoubtedly, the advantage of such a decision is an unusual experience, which is associated with the study of the secrets that the creators have hidden in their game.

For some this is a pleasure, for others it can be a nuisance. If we get stuck at some point because we don’t know where to go and what to do next, it can lead to frustration and shelving the game.

And questions will arise: which way to choose? Should I go there now?

That’s why we came to the rescue. Below we will describe all nine areas of Ashina that we can visit. Some of them will open only when we find a hidden passage, others – after opening – we can explore in any order.

Suggested order of visiting the location

The order of the regions we visit is the result of two factors.

  • First of all, it is connected with the main storyline. If we don’t take concrete action, we won’t be promoting the story, so we won’t be able to unlock certain locations.

  • Secondly, it’s better to enter some regions later, when we develop our character, so as not to complicate the game.


  • The Ashina Reservoir is a prologue that does not contain any statuettes of the sculptor.

  • Ashina Dungeon – This area has a neglected Temple, a place that can be seen as a starting point.

  • Hirata Family Estate is an optional region.

  • Castle in Ashina.

  • Abandoned dungeon.

  • Senpu Temple, Mount Kongo.

  • Sunken Valley.

  • Deep in Ashina.

  • Spring Palace.

Ashina Castle

  • Number of statuettes of the sculptor: 7 (including the neglected temple)

  • Number of bosses: 5

After completing the prologue, you will travel to the Forsaken Temple. After leaving the gate, you will reach the figurine of the sculptor: Ashino. Then you will start exploring this area.


Your goal is to reach Ashina Castle, a key location.

There is a hidden passage to the Senpou Temple, the mountains of the Congo.

Hirata family property

Despite the fact that this is an additional place, it is worth visiting for at least several reasons. First of all, you will get new shinobi tools like Ax or Misty Crow. Secondly, this is a great opportunity to develop a hero. You can get two rosaries and one Memories from the Hirata Family Manor.


The entrance to the Hirata family estate is hidden. To unlock access to this area, you must complete a side quest.

Castle in Ashina

Access to the castle is protected by the boss: Flaming Bull, which you will encounter at the end of the location: Castle Gate in Ashina.


On the roof of the castle you will meet Genichiro Ashina. By winning a duel with him, you will develop the main storyline, which means you will open new places in some regions.

Directly from the area: Castle in Ashina you will be taken to the Sunken Valley. To enter the region, look for the Sculptor’s Figurine: Temple of the Great Serpent.

abandoned dungeon

This is one of the smallest places in Sekiro and should be seen as a link between the larger regions. Two roads lead to it.


Through the Abandoned Dungeon you will reach:

  • Deep in Ashina.

  • Senspu Temple, Congo.

Senpu Temple, Mount Kongo.

To the starting point of this region, that is, the statuette of the sculptor: Senpou Temple, Mount Kongo, you will reach through the Abandoned Dungeon.


Your goal is to get the Blade of Mortality, which will give you the Child of Divine Rebirth, which you will find in the Inner Sanctuary, before defeating the Monkeys in the Room of Illusion.

sunken valley

Your next goal is to get the lotus flower that is guarded by the monkey in the Bodhisattva Valley.


You will enter the Sunken Valley through the Chapel of the Great Serpent, which is located at the end of the region: the castle in Ashina.

Deep in Ashina

In this region, your task will be to find a protective stone that lies on an altar in the Wedding Cave. The entrance to this place is guarded by a boss. After defeating her, you will gain the ability to dive into the water.


The entrance to Glenbin leads through the Mighty Deep in the Forsaken Dungeon. There is a second entrance to this region. It leads through the Sunken Valley.

Return to Ashina Castle

Once you find the Warding Stone, Lotus Flower, and Deadly Blade, head to Ashin Castle. The Great Owl Shinobi will be waiting for you on the roof. When you talk to him, you will make a very important decision, which will translate into one of four endings.

spring palace

If you went against the Great Shinobi Sowi, you can discover the last big place in the game, the Spring Palace.


At the end of this area, you must defeat the Divine Dragon to obtain its tears, thanks to which you can fight the final boss: Isshin, the holy sword.


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