Sekiro Shadows Die Twice – How to get to the end of the story about the main character

image7 8 Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - How to get to the end of the story about the main character

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has four endings to unlock.

Shattering Immortality – This can be considered the default ending and by far the most popular among players. You will achieve this by making the most moral decisions (primarily against your father in order to protect Kuro). You don’t need to take any special steps to unlock this ending.

You can reach this finish line as soon as possible, because it is already on the roof of the castle in Ashina, where you will meet your foster father, Owl. The final decisions will be made if you choose to abandon Kuro and follow the shinobi code.

Cleansing is one of two hidden endings. This is reinforced by several actions that must be carried out at the right moment.

The Return (the dragon returns home) is the second hidden ending. As with the cleanup, there are a number of steps that need to be taken in order to be able to watch the final movie associated with that ending.

At the end, you have a final battle with a couple of bosses than with the other three ends.

With Genichiro Ashina and then with Isshin, the holy sword, you will face the finale: immortality rupture, return and purification, having previously broken through the Spring Palace and defeated the Divine Dragon.

However, if you defeat Emma and Isshin Ashina in the final fight at Ashina Castle, you will unlock the end. This way you are blocking access to the last big place in the game, which is the Fountainhead Palace.


What can you do after viewing the story?

No matter which ending you reach, once you’re done, you’ll still be able to explore and uncover the secrets of the world of Sekiro, upgrade your character, and overcome additional bosses you couldn’t deal with before.


You can also start the new game mode plus, in which you will start the game from the very beginning. Interestingly, in this mode, you keep all the items, skills and coefficients related to character development that you have so far. Opponents, however, will become much stronger.

The new game mode plus can be launched immediately after watching the final scene, or after that in any memorial by activating the sculptor option #2: Abandoned Temple.

How to unlock all endings?

If you want to get all the trophies, regardless of the platform you’re playing on, you need to unlock all endings. To do this, you need to complete the game four times, each time choosing a different ending.


However, there is an easier and faster way. All you need to do during your first game is to keep a record of the status before the most important events in the game. Thanks to this, you will be able to return to the stages before the selection of key events that determine the end of the game.

The first one – crucial for the end of the game – is the conversation with Owl when you return to Ashina Castle after you get the Warding Stone, Lotus Flower, and Blade of Mortality.

During a conversation with the foster father, you can choose one of two dialogue questions:

By choosing the “Drop kuro” dialogue option, you decide the ending.


By making the “Be against the Code, stay true to Kuro” decision, you will fight the Great Shinobi Owl, who will open the way to unlock the endings: Immortality Break, Return, and Purification.

The second is the key to the story – this is the moment of preparation for the completion of Purification and Return. Don’t forget to run it before the fight with the Divine Dragon in the Spring Palace. If you don’t choose to do this, you won’t have an ending. Then you’ll watch the finale: immortality’s rupture


The last decision that will affect the ending awaits you after the final fight with Isshin, the holy sword. Depending on whether you have completed the objectives appropriate for the end of The Cleanse and Return, after defeating the boss, approach Kuro and select the appropriate dialogue question, which can be one, two, or three.

Give the Dragon and Frozen Tears – Ending: Return (This option will be available depending on whether you met the criteria for this ending)

“Give Tears of a Dragon and Smell a Flower” – Ending: Purification (This option will be available depending on whether you met the criteria for this ending)

“Gimme Dragon Tears” – Ending: Cancel Mortality (This option will always be available)

If you want to make a copy of game state records (saved games) find them on disk and save them elsewhere.

In the case of a PC, you will find the folder with the saved files in the directory: Users (Users) Username AppData Roaming Sekiro

Record USB game status on PS4. To do this, go to Settings, go to: Manage app saved data, then Saved data in large storage and Copy to USB storage device. Then select the folder: Sekiro and copy the file to the USB stick.

On Xbox One, game states are automatically subscribed to Microsoft servers. Therefore, before specific events, when the save is sent to the cloud, disconnect the console from the Internet. When you unlock the first end, delete the game state on your Xbox and reconnect it to the internet. The console will then load the save and from that point on you can unlock the next ending.


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